Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I love about Austin::: {Blackberry Pickin}

If you asked me how I like Austin my response would be 

"Ummmm. IM OBSESSED with it"

I love everything about it. I havent found one thing about this great state's capital that I'm not instantly in love with.

But if you ask me what my favorite thing is about Austin I would answer immediately
"Oh I know this. South Congress for sure. Town Lake is obvious....and the view of  The Capital from S. Congress is stunning"

But then Id stop there. Because thats all I do. I contently bolt around to the same amazing places.This summer Ive decided to take a vacation to Austin. Explore my city. Every nook and cranny.

Today's adventure involved Brother, Pearl, and some berries.

Brother and I ventured into the gorgeous Hill Country taking the scenic route. 
With the top down we were winding up down and around the most beautiful views of Texas. Just brother and my Pearl Girl. The top was down and the Beatles were blaring. Brother was really good at his dance moves.
An hour later we drove into this adorable Berry Farm. 

The berries were so juicy and scrumptious looking!

After frolicking through the berry fields we headed back to town. Pleased as can be.

la beast

What is your favorite thing about your city?


Anonymous said...

try out the greenbelt =)

Erny said...

too many things that I like about my city to be listed down here. I could go on and on and on. Haha.

i love your new blog design and the adorable header!

Susu said...

love the pics and the cute bunnies in your header.

la beast said...

mom! those arent bunnies!!

Susu said...

ha ha hee hee I knowd that silly!

Jennifer said...

I love that I can walk 5 blocks and the scene can drastically change! I think I'd love it a lot more if you were here! <3