Saturday, July 11, 2009

:::Kickball, Smickball:::

I play kickball....yes...I can kick the ball! The last game I made it to 3rd and this past game I made it ALL THE WAY HOME! WAHOO!

{Melissa and I before the game. We are on the super social league...clearly}

Apparantly I can also RIP my QUAD muscles (both of them) while doing so. Ouchie waaa waaa that hurt. I was in so much pain it made me the point where I had to lay down and have an attractive male team member (and kelly) work out my muscles with ice packs. :)

Luckily I had Tucker there to cheer me up! Cutie Patootie Nootie...

{ I do NOT want to talk about the color of my t-shirt. GIG EM AGGIES!}

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