Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dream Job


I am so overjoyed. ecstatic. elated. any other word that describes an unfathomable amount of happiness
Life goal: 
- be on drill team in High School.....check
- get a 4.0 in college....check
- travel around the world...check
- meet someone famous...check
(these are just a few on my long list)

Fall 2004 Ashley, Jessica and I ventured over to the mystical hills of Austin to visit our other friends Katie, Katelyn and Elise. It was that crisp autumn evening that I was mesmerized by the beauty and spunky-ness that defines Austin. I was in love! 
I just can't get this city out of my head. Its no wonder that my job search focused mainly in this wonderful artsy haven.
It all happened so fast but thanks to Kelly....and of course Brian (who actually deserves credit this time) I was offered the 6th grade Science position at a middle school in an Austin area school on Tuesday.
Monday before my interview I sat in my car in silence with my stomach ripping itself into knots. The windows were cracked letting the beautiful day in and I prayed. For about 15 minutes I handed over the reigns. It wasn't easy but I completely let go. Knowing that it would only turn out the way He wanted it to. 

Jesus loves me this I know....


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