Thursday, February 12, 2009

terrible horrible no good very bad GYPSIES

Last night I waited on a table of gypsies. I hated them. I wanted to take each one individually and punch them square in the face.....and then if they tried to talk after I punched them I wanted to hiss at them like a cat and then push them over. Maybe even kick them in the shin. MAN! 
The thing is I am not even an aggressive person...but gypsies....gypsies bring out my anger. 

They come in the restaurant by the truck loads with kids in tote. I had a table of 8. They come in and act like they own the place and had me running a marathon last night with all of their requests. At one point I was so flustered I burned my hand on their hot sizzling fajita plate. I couldn't carry a tray the rest of the night. 

BUT thats not even the best part. Gypsies come in looking for trouble. They purposefully be difficult so that the server "gets frustrated" and "acts like they dont care" so that they can get a $100 meal for FREE. HA! Not last night!

There is no way they were getting what they wanted. I waited on them hand and foot patiently and reluctantly. My manager did NOT comp their meal but rather gave them a dessert for free. 

This did not go over well with my gypsies. So instead they took the TO-GO box I gave them and filled it with bean soup and stomped on it under the table until the styrofoam was broken and the beans were everywhere. Then on top of that they took the rest of the bean soup bowls and poured them all over the top of the table! 
WTF! that is NOT an accident!

So on a $110.00 tab. I was left $6. .......and im ok with that, because honestly, I thought they'd leave exact change.

The only good thing about last night is that my other tables witnessed the entire thing and felt bad...therefore my tips increased.

Dumb Gypsies. YAY for last day of waiting tables for a living!

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Give Me Park Avenue said...

I am pretty sure you are the only one who reads my blog but it's ok because I secretly like doing it. Kind of freeing to have you thoughts out there for all the world to see.

PS Sad you don't love the gypies! Maybe if they had played the little hand bells... t-hehe