Sunday, January 25, 2009


In honor of Monday (FUNday) I decided to put up a very "Monday" post (even though it is Sunday night). I love Gossip Girl and basically live my weeks FUNday to FUNday. My world stops Monday nights, except I work Monday nights, so really my world stops when I have time to watch the DVR I recorded of my beloved guilty pleasure.

My obsession with Blair Waldorf is evident in everyday life. I buy trendy headbands that I'm usually too afraid to wear, dresses with lace that demand class, and earrings with pearls that scream "I'm an Upper East Manhattan socialite like Blair Waldorf and throw lavish parties"

Well when cleaning my room today I stumbled upon this little treasure

Thats right! Taylor Nicole at age 6 sporting the Blair Waldorf headband long before Blair Waldorf knew what a headband was! Just look at her strutting MY style!

gorgeous isn't she?

Now, if only I knew for certain it was the headband that could win this sexy bad boy's heart. 

MMMMM! CHUCK BASS! Just look at his mysterious squint.  The fact that Ed Westwick is really British but can pull of an American accent while acting only makes him that much more dreamy.

Is it bad that whenever Chuck Bass is whispering sweet nothings into Blair Waldorf's ear I pretend its me?

Yeah, I thought so.