Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ok. So I dont know if you would call this luck, or just a weird weird coincidence, but I see it as an unfortunate HAZARD that needs to stop.

In the past TWO weeks, I have had newspapers fly onto  my car THREE TIMES. WHAT?!?! that NEVER happens! 

The first time it came from nowhere and just happened to wrap itself around my antenna slapping in the wind like a flag.
The second time I was driving and it flew up from behind the car in front of me, terrified it was going to land flat on my windshield I started to slightly panic. Thankfully a gust of wind came to my rescue and once again blew it to the right where it would continue the rest of our journey wrapped snugly around my antenna.

Today was a similar situation but less scary. The newspaper flew up from the car in front of me and was gracefully floating to the ground, and it probably still would have made it if the hood ornament didnt catch the top corner. Instead it was forced up against the front fender until I exited the highway and came to a stop. 

Yeah I was "that" girl...

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