Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why doesn't this happen to me?

Whenever I start dancing while walking down the street, why doesn't the rest of the population hear my background music? Moreover, why don't they do their back up moves just like we practiced? How much is Joseph Gordon-Levitt paying his people to wear shades of blue and dance on cue? And where the heck did he get that little bird to tweet around him from? Whenever I call for animals to fly around me I am usually sent terrifying bees that send me running instead of chippery little bluebirds from Cinderella. 

You can see my frustration.
Why isn't my life a musical?
Why doesn't this happen to me?



i want my life to be a musical too :) so Ive determined we are meant to be bff's

chanter365 said...

Love this movie!

Ashley said...

If I lived in Austin and saw you dancing on the street...I'd join in. :)

Lauren said...

haha love it! I want my life to be like the scene in Enchanted when all the people start singing and dancing as well : )

my name is STEPHANIE said...

YES! this was THE BEST part of the movie! =)