Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Capital City

Happy Tuesday!
Today is a beautiful  75 degrees day in Capital City.
Too bad I was inside making parent phone calls because their lovelies wanted to cheat on the hw. 

Now that I am off work....
To run at Town Lake?
or Happy Hour?

I'll let your curious little minds ponder on that decision.

Enjoy the fun Diana and I had yesterday on our date to the Capitol



So jealous we were in the 60s and went to Charlottesville...I do love my Austin tho please enjoy it for me! Oh and gotta love some cheaters lol

Jennifer said...

is it capital city or capitol city?

yes that is what my mind wonders about

la beast said...

Haha mine too! did some research and couldn't really tell. Found it spelled both ways. I gathered that the Capitol was the building. Austin is the Capital of Texas

Maybe??? Maybe??

Im not known to be the best at grammar anyway

Alex said...

I want to see our Dianas!

sarah said...

um... i vote happy hour. most very definitely

and since i am the only one to vote so far, i win!