Monday, January 4, 2010

Tiny Dancers do NYE

So Im a few days Im going to catch up on my posting and post a couple today.

New Years Eve was GREAT, considering. Food poisoning left me absolutely nauseous the entire day. I would have totally stayed home that night if "La Russian" didn't drive up from Austin and if I didn't shove $100 at my celebrity party already. I dressed up pretty, braved the smell of alcohol and surprisingly had a wonderful time watching everybody get silly. One thing I did notice is that my dance moves are NOT AS GOOD  as they used to be. I found myself awkwardly bouncing off beat and trying to move smoothly. I was bad. I wished I felt well enough to even sip on champagne to make it better. 

The Karaoke cab was just as amazing as the first time. The Tiny Dancers + La Russian squuueeeezed into the neon van and belted Livin on a Prayer into our mics. The only problem...the ride was too short....they always are. 

So NYE was ok. much better than past NYEs for sure. I didn't get my usual anxiety during the countdown. Maybe because the countdown was lame and didn't really feel like a countdown. Maybe because I was distracted. Either way it helped.  

"La Naomi" helped me with my fantastic hairstyle. Am I allowed to have a girl crush on my friend? or only on celebrities you don't know? Because if Im allowed.. I call girl crushing  my friend "La Naomi" 
She is so pretty and nice and creative and I want to be her! 

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Katie said...

TAYLOR... 1st off I can't believe I missed a post. Woah (woah weee woah!), I read ALL of them. 2nd I don't think flattered is a nice enough word...Thank you so much for your sweet comments; and I adore you just as much! I cannot wait until you move back to Dallas! Hurrrrrrry home!

3rd, I'm very glad you didn't change my nickname!