Thursday, January 7, 2010


Its gone from a joke thats kinda funny to full blown concernicous. "La Roommate" said to me this morning, "Show me your classroom keys before we leave for school" and I did. How I ended up at school without it is beyond me. 

Also, can we talk about how BORING t.v. is tonight? 
Jk. Its not like its the College Football Championship or anything. 
You know whats neat. LIVING in the city of the Rival.

Today I assigned homework, which I never do. I sent an email home to the parents to let them know. WITHIN SECONDS I had like 15 responses in my inbox. 

"BOOOO Ms Terry! Are you an Aggie or something?"
"Not watching the game tonight?!?! Bummer!"
"The Texas game is on...its practically a national holiday"


So my email back to the parents was as follows

"Just Kidding! Gotcha! Clearly I forgot what city I live in. NO HOMEWORK!"

I know exactly what you fellow Longhorn haters are

Here are some cute pictures of my classroom that I forgot to post at the beginning of the year.
We are the ROCKSTARS...and we study rocks AND clever am i?

I also named my tables Rockstars with Sciencey names. The kids loooooooveeeee it.
These signs hang above the tables

What other teacher has records on their walls?

Yes, part of my wall is green. 
No, I didn't paint it. 
Yes, I am obsessed with it

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