Friday, January 15, 2010


La Rockstar found the best invention ever made.
Its called 
(Yes it includes the exclamation)
and it made our wildest dreams come true.

I remember back when I was a young little girl, I dreamt of one day when a little "hand top" (as opposed to laptop) phone would be invented. A hand top that could do all things under the sun with thousands of things called...applications. A hand top that could count my calories, play me music and get me lost while driving all in one expensive beast of a machine.  I only dreamt that there would be a free way to communicate with British rockstars on the other side of the pond. Specifically, one who tickles the ivories.

Well ladies and gents, 

YOUR my dreams have come true. Free overseas texting via applications on the iphone is thrilling yet dangerous. 


Need to Ping! someone on the other side of the Atlantic?

Download your application from itunes today!

{Ping! I will accept my endorsement check at my paypal account}

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Love it girl you are just amazin!