Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Recap

My 2009 was super LAME compared to my AMAZING 2008. but good in its own right.

In 2009

I got my first JOB. I moved from Dallas to Austin. I kicked my butt with a personal trainer and an intense bootcamp over the summer. I lived by myself for the first time and then decorated my cute house with "la roommate".  I joined a kickball team. I went to school workshops and met my fun friend Jordan. 

I rode on a jet ski for the first time (and made him go ridiculously slow) and canoed Town Lake. The Tiny Dancers came down for my birthday and we floated the river. I went to the Rodeo and danced with a REAL cowboy. I also bucked hay for the first time. My car got "glittered" as a prank from my students.  We had a family Reunion this summer.

 I finished two wedding videos. I went to New York City wtih "bestie", "plus one" and some of the Tiny Dancers. I played with my new cameras. I went to Florida TWICE and Disney World TWICE. Found Aladdin only once. but he winked at me so it was ok.  I ate way to many cheeseburgers (might be sick of them! GASP). Allergies finally found me at age 23 in Austin, Tx. Another dream came true when I saw PAUL MCARTNEY in concert in the fantastic brand new Cowboys Stadium. I spent a lot of time on the lake, found a church and explored the city of Austin.  I was in TWO...count em 2 photo shoots. I paid off one student loan and my credit card (YAY) and managed to $$$ save money $$$ in the bank. I got sick only twice, chopped my hair short. Prayed more than any other time in my life. 4 of my close friends got engaged and I went to one wedding. I watched a lot of football, tried to become a baseball fan and failed. I decorated my classroom CUTE and taught summer school. Oh yeah..I also taught Saturday school. I got a speeding ticket and food poisoning, rode in a Karaoke Cab and experienced a White Christmas.

I made many trips to Dallas to see friends and many friends came to Austin to see me. It was emotionally exhausting and my most physically fit year (those may or may not be directly related) and my 2009 resolution was to just survive.
I did. :)

played with my new camera

family reunion in Illinois with my cousin Amanda

I bucked those hay bails all by myself!

Kickball with my fun friend Jordan

visiting TB in the hospital

NYC with friends

Visiting Brother In Florida...

That Kingdom is so...magical

Dad and I at the Paul McCartney Concert

I cut my hair short!

White Christmas Eve with Nicknameless Boy

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