Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ok so many of you know my feelings about New Years Eve. But in case you dont, let me refresh. I dont really like New Years Eve. I'm typically a really sentimental person and the end of a year usually makes me really sad. During the countdown to midnight I always get this anxious uneasy feeling. Like I dont want that year to end. I feel like I need to be doing something during that last 10 seconds. Something great, something GRAND. Something to make that year memorable. Well this time I feel... different today.

I can't WAIT for this year to end. It had ups and downs but Im ready for 2009! This year I realized I did a lot of great things even a lot of GRAND things. So I feel content leaving 2008 in my memory bank as I procede to 2009, the year I am forced to be an adult.

Some things that were accomplished in 2008

1. Lived in a different country
2. Traveled to another state (I have a goal to go to all 50)
3. Became a Delta Gamma Alum
4. 4.0 all semesters of 08
5. officially started my videography/production business with brother titled "Brother and I Productions" The website will be up soon :)
6. Became a lover of Iced Tea
7. Discovered a new appreciation for my love of hot tea by adding milk and sugar
8. Jumped in to all the fountains on Texas A&M's campus
9. Met some outstanding people

I LOVE to travel and I did quite a bit this year


South Carolina













Things to look forward to in 2009
1. Getting a real job (WAHOO!)
2. Start paying off my loans. Typically this wouldn't necessarily excite the average person but im anxious to pay these bad boys off
3. FINALLY doing a triathlon
4. Family reunion in June
5. New Orleans and Nashville trips
6. Chicago/New York for spring break
7. Taking piano lessons (hopefully)
8. Writing a book (im eventually going to do this)
9. Turning 23??? (how did that get here so fast?)
10. Moving out of Dallas (thats the plan as of now)

So looking back on this post 2008 was GRAND. 2009 has quite an act to follow. But I have faith in it. I think 09 can prove to be even better (even though I'm not traveling the world).
People came in to my life, became ever more present, and some unfortunately left (Grandma Cathy) in 2008 but the memories of 2008 will forever be filed in my personal memory filing cabinet.
2009, you ready? LETS GO!


Randy said...

you went a LOT of places! were all these trips in 2008?

Taylor said...

yep :) i travel any chance i can...