Thursday, December 11, 2008

Taylor Swift

I always kinda liked Taylor Swift. She was alright... To "radio" for me but if I listened to the radio, I guess you could say her music sounded pleasant. Her curly hair is cute despite the fact I think she looks like a cat. A little too skinny, but she's adorable in her dresses and cowboy boots. Because if I were to be a famous musician, I think that would be my style. I name is Taylor. There must be something about the name :)

Well I bought her new cd "Fearless" and now I'm obsessed with it. I am feeling every emotion on almost every track on the record. There are songs where the meanings are completely opposite of each other.  So basically.....that makes me a big ball of confusing mess of emotions.  
Sometimes I just want to hug her and say "Girl...I getcha!" Other times I want to rock out with her. But moral of the story I want to be her friend. She is writing the script of my life at the moment. Ps. she DOES write all her songs.  But here is a snipet of her album booklet of why she chose to name her album "Fearless"

This album is called “FEARLESS”, and I guess I’d like to clarify why we chose that as the title. To me, “FEARLESS”is not the absence of fear. It’s not
being completely unafraid. To me, FEARLESSis having fears. FEARLESSis having doubts. Lots of them. To me, FEARLESSis living in spite of
those things that scare you to death. FEARLESSis falling madly in love again, even though you’ve been hurt before. FEARLESSis walking into your
freshmen year of high school at fifteen. FEARLESSis getting back up and fighting for what you want over and over again...even though every time you’ve tried
before, you’ve lost. It’s FEARLESSto have faith that someday things will change. FEARLESSis having the courage to say goodbye to someone who only
hurts you, even if you can’t breathe without them. I think it’s FEARLESSto fall for your best friend, even though he’s in love with someone else. And when someone
apologizes to you enough times for things they’ll never stop doing, I think it’s FEARLESSto stop believing them. It’s FEARLESSto say “you’re NOT sorry”,
and walk away. I think loving someone despite what people think is FEARLESS. I think allowing yourself to cry on the bathroom floor is FEARLESS.
Letting go is FEARLESS. Then, moving on and being alright...That’s FEARLESStoo. But no matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in
it. You have to believe in love stories and prince charmings and happily ever after. That’s why I write these songs. Because I think love is FEARLESS.

deep huh?

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