Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brother and I

Brother and I had some bonding time this weekend 

We went to Austin to video a wedding. I decided to stay at motel 6 in order to get the most profit from the wedding. NEVER again will I be staying at a motel 6. 
Thank goodness brother was there. 
It looks fine and dandy during the day. No big deal. So its not the nicest place I've ever stayed. I expected that. But past 10 pm it turns into Mexico's whore house. People partying, going in and out doors, slamming things, shouting mexican phrases right outside our room. 
SO we are terrified, eyes open, wide awake in our two separate double beds. Its 2 am and the phone rings! This next conversation takes place in a matter of 15 seconds.
"Alex! Should we answer the phone?"

"AHHH I dont know!!!"

"Alex! Answer the phone!"


"AHHHHHH!" I pull the covers over my head

I peek around the sheet and all I can see is brother's facial expressions. and he looks confused.
"no im good"
"no i think you have the wrong number"
"No ma'am. Like I said. You have the wrong number"

brother hangs up and immediately starts laughing.

"What did they want?" I immediately question
"She was trying to dirty" 
"AHHHHH WHAT?" I sit straight up throwing the covers halfway across the room in the process
"She wanted to....have phone sex"

OMG. we are staying at a motel 6 in little mexico and the phone rings AT 2AM from a dirty hotline!
SO I made brother come sleep in my bed. He is my protector. :)

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