Wednesday, December 24, 2008

22 and adorable

oh yeah. also this weekend in Austin we were video-ing a wedding. Well as the videographer I like to have a little fun and create fun skits with the wedding party. However I need to have a semi-quiet area to film to eliminate background noise on the tape. This church was beautiful but teeny tiny, and there was NO secluded area that we could film the wedding party interviews. So I am on a mission. I wander around the church looking for our prime location. Well the groomsmen basically were designated to change behind a wall. All were changed and I was wandering around back there (ligering if you will) scoping out that part of the church. There were lots of random doors so I am opening them in exploration. One was a closet full of printers (quiet but cramped and poorly lit) The other was like a janitor closet. Well I get to the third door and I open it no big deal. EXCEPT......
There may or may not have been a GROOMSMAN SITTING ON THE TOILET going number 2!!!!

heh(awkward laugh)

the other groomsmen have fallen off their chairs laughing. Almost in pain of laughing so hard.
and I LINGER. 
I cant shut the door fast enough. In fact I am frozen! I cant even move my arm. Its like my body was purposefully not functioning so that I could soak up as much embarrassment as possible. 

My jaw drops with my left hand on the door knob and my right hand covers my mouth. 
I burst into uncomfortable laughter and shake my head while saying "I am so sorry" over and over and over. 
It doesnt help that the groomsmen were asking me "Is he sitting?" "HAHA I bet he is sitting!"
"PLEASE TELL ME he was sitting" coming at me from different directions.

EVENTUALLY the signal is passed from my brain to my arm and I shut the door. Slowly I turn my body 90 degrees to the left and stare at the groomsmen in shock of what just happened.  Their faces are all scrunched up and red from laughter- water even secreting from their eyes. 

And that was the day I walked in on a groomsman (22 yrs old and adorable) going number 2.

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