Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Loose Cargo

I dont know who drives 70 on central expressway lugging styrofoam boxes with no tailgate that are not secured WHATSOEVER....oh wait. I do. My tire met the boxes' 6 faces as it slammed against my precious Berididita (03 Saturn Vue) at approximately 2 pm this afternoon. Not only did the driver not stop as my tire blew to shreds but he failed to return to clean up his mess as several cars were unable to avoid the styrofoam explosion that one could even mistake as a sudden and rampant snow storm. He probably had no idea. No idea that he would cost me $150 that I did NOT plan on spending nor do I have to spend.

So Berididita crawled and wobbled to the side street which thankfully landed us in Highland Park. We conveniently rolled to a stop on even ground in front of our new pal Bobby's house.
Bobby and his dog Mayo came to our rescue. Offering just as much knowledge as Elisa and me we all tackled the feat together.

Because of my looks they nominated me supervisor, to which I took offense. "Wouldn't want to mess up your manicure" To which I responded "Hand over that jack"
So indeed I did raise the jack......until Bobby told me I was going too slow and he took it back. 

I let him...he retired from the FC Dallas Soccer team in October...and then I just admired his calves :)

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