Sunday, January 24, 2010

i. feel. helpless.

Can't stop reading Ben and Katie's blog. I feel helpless. I feel like my monetary donations aren't enough. I feel selfish going about my daily routines. Waking up in my ridiculously comfortable bed surrounded with 6 pillows like a princess. Choosing an outfit from my two closets full of shoes and Anthropologie dresses.  Taking my vitamins with clean water from the sink faucet. Letting my strawberries go bad in the fridge because I had other choices for breakfast this week. Running around Town Lake because I'm healthy, not diseased or infected or hungry. I feel bad even laughing when so many people are crying.

But then I read Katie's blog today and saw this video of a little boy she met. It got me out of my little funk and made me smile a little LOT

If you want to feel closer to the action start reading Katie's blog religiously. 
Its real. 
Its raw.
Its God at work. 

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