Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Our house has adorable glass door knobs, original hard wood floors an ironing board that comes out of the wall and even a telephone nook in the hallway where a rotary phone once perfectly perched in 1950 when people had to stand the length of the conversation without privacy. The backyard stretches a lot and a half and has a clothes line we could use (in theory). It has built in shelves, walls that are bright colors and I have TWO closets in my room. One closet just for dresses, jackets and shoes. Our house is perfect in most ways but there is one, well two... but lets talk about the one thing.... that urks me to no end. 

we. dont. have. a. dishwasher.
we. dont. have. a. dishwasher.

The following chain of events stem from this one, tiny, expensive issue. 

I dont do dishes
I dont cook food that requires lots of dishes
I dont eat healthy
I cant loose that lingering 10 pounds
I cry when I cant zip up my pants

I always wished I could live in a different decade. Guess Robin Williams came out of his bronze coated slumber and granted me that wish. 
Now I realize I may come across as spoiled and lazy, and maybe I am, but I just would rather spend my time doing other things than dishes by hand.
 For example, saving the world. 

La Roommate bought a plain white prayer journal the other day at church. She asked me to decorate it for her. Then she said she would do the dishes. Her idea. I said yes. Bribe me with dishes. It will work EVERY time. Clearly I drew a giraffe, because thats what you think of when you decorate a prayer journal.
or because Im going through a giraffe kick and cant stop doodling them.

I will probably be changing my blog banner to some sort of version of the one below

Check out La Roommates blog. she's new. so show her some love.

la beast


my name is STEPHANIE said...

um i love your blog and i want to be your friend.


I love it! How about a hippo friend for th giraffe or a cute little owl..ok random I know..haha

Alex said...

You are just so cute and talented and I'm glad we're friends :)