Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just Because

Because its 11:30 and I sat down for the first time today about 30 minutes ago...I am fading fast. Therefore, I wont be able to post a longer post about what I really want to.

Instead I will leave you with this clip. If I am ever in a security lockdown in Newark Airport, I would most definitely be partaking in this. 

Its good to see people making the best out of the most stressful situations. 
(and to see God at work using the guitar player to calm down the airport)


with love, 

la beast



funny how I watched the clip before I read the rest of your post and was thinking..hmm crazy how the craziest situations will bring all kinds of people from different walks of life together...makes me want to step back and think about the missed opportunities I have had and make sure I recognize the ones in the future for ministry...thanks for the post it touched my heart <3

Lauren said...

wow! that is sooo crazy and cool!!! i just wanted to sing along with them! haha