Wednesday, January 6, 2010

woah woah weee woah

1st. My new years resolution could be classified into one category. Fail. I forgot my classroom keys BOTH days this week. Thus resorting me to chase down the computer technician who has a universal key. My forgetfulness is disgusting.

2nd. I cooked yesterday. Success. Let me remind you of its significance. I. dont. cook. I understand this is a very unattractive quality. I want to. I dream about one day having some sort of burning desire to cook scrumptious meals, but its just not there yet. I must say, all though I made everything from scratch yesterday GASP, I kinda had fun. And the sole reason was because I was cooking with and for my fun friend Jordan...and also my cute anthro giraffe measuring cups. 

B.T.W I cooked Salmon. who. am. i?

3rd. I might have said something inappropriate-yet-hysterical to a student of mine today at school. Fail. They were creating the Nitrogen Cycle in their journal and had to put a lot of effort into it. I was walking around the room checking on their work and giving feedback. I took a look at one journal, put my hand on their shoulder and said, "Very Niiiice" identical to Borat. My face went into total shock and I immediately looked around to see if anyone heard me. Good thing they didn't, and that they are 11 and probably haven't seen the movie.  

{To help you picture my embarrassment}


Ashley said...

Oh MY GOOODNESSSS!!!! I've done that too! Whenever I say things like that my face always turns bright red and I try to change the subject asap!!

Lauren said...

those measuring cups are adorable!!!

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