Wednesday, December 23, 2009

la Gentleman + Burgers

"La Gentleman" took me for burgers last night. It was SO tasty. Probably my favorite burger this far....but I say that everytime. I usually dont put mayonaise on my burgers but this time I kept the burger as is, and I was pleasantly surprised. I should do that more often.
Then we went to celebrate "La roommate's" (who is angry her nickname is only la roommate) 24th birthday! I put her present in a Jonas Brother bag.

Did I mention "la gentleman" is also "la funny"?
the people at the party thought so too

Oh yeah...Brother has a girlfriend. Weird. The last time he liked a girl enough to make her is girlfriend, I was in high school, and so was he. She must be somethin'-Can't WAIT to meet her!

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Alex said...

Brother Terry has a gf?? Oh my goodness! His honorary Terry sister is happy for him!