Tuesday, December 22, 2009


{prom senior year}
Today I got to spend some quality alone time with the bestie. Since we are both sisterless we act are each other's stand ins. We fight all the time (not as much as we used to) we answer each others late night tearful calls, we are by each other side forever and always. She sticks up for me and I stick up for her (she's better at it than me). Either way, living so far from her is hard and especially now that she has a man taking up her much coveted time.
We went shopping and laughed and talked and I miss that.
Sadly we never do anything exciting enough to picture so I went for a throwback...all the way from 2004. And can I just throw it out there...I still look like a little girl. Enjoy the youthful , pre college, pre adulthood corruption where all we had to worry about was what dress I would be wearing to prom... and maybe who was going to win wittiest boy and girl in the entire school later that night at the dance
She won.
....along with my date
Im surrounded by hilarious people

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Anonymous said...

YAYYYYYY i finally got a post!!!!
I love you
post by Danielle your bestie!