Monday, December 14, 2009

In no particular order

If I could choose ANYTHING  in the whole wide world and put it on a Christmas list, aside from eating cheeseburgers while riding camels with my adopted British children I think I have come up with a pretty nifty list (in no particular order).
 Check it out.

{urban outfitters}

1. I am really trying to be a little more domestic. For example I baked a cake today. HA! can you believe it? My lazy self got up and baked a cake! No! it wasn't made from scratch! I knew exactly what you were thinking.. Please! Dont get it twisted. Im still in the beginner stages. And yes, that cake was for someone else.
But with this portable beauty I can put my creative talents to use and make the things I see instead of spend fortunes buying them. Look at that recessionista in me!

{urban outfitters}

2. Because I also wish I was born into Beatlemania I sometimes pretend I lived back then. I have a collection (small) of records that are best being used for their art on my walls at the moment. I would love to listen to their soulful sound by playing them on this turn table. Apparently lots of people want to be like me because they are coming back into style.

3. I have a really hard time buying software for myself. I have an excellent computer. Haven't had any issues with it. It is consistent and reliable and I am content. But sometimes I can't help but dream of something more. Like the most up to date software for all of my editing needs. If Santa buys it for me instead I cant really picture myself declining such a generous offer.

4. Ok. Lets talk Glee. I dont know whose GRAND idea it was to take a 4 month hiatus but "la roommate" and I are a tiny bit vexed with who ever made the call. I also don't know whose GRANDER idea it was to release part 1 of season 1 on DVD AFTER Christmas on 12.29.09 but I guess beggars cant be choosers. Count on me gleefully practicing all musical numbers in the comfort of my own living room until April 13, 2010. I call MERCEDES! (except the episode Rachel gets with Puck, then I call playing Rachel)

{urban outfitters}

5. Two birds with one stone. It plays my music loud enough for me to not hear my horrendous singing voice. If ONLY it was anywhere close to the soul of  black womans (Mercedes from Glee would work). Hey there! Im not racist just extremely envious..... AND it makes my shelves look attractive. They could use some lovin'.

6. This dress from Anthropologie would stretch my grin from ear to ear. It might even make me want to be more domestic. You know... maybe cook in the kitchen with an apron on, clip fresh flowers from my non existent garden, VACCUM, or even  whip curtains and doilies out left and right with my new sewing machine. If you're lucky I might even sport a bun.

7. Yes please! Ill take this piece of art by John W Golden. Actually any of his lunastrella series would warm the cockles of my heart.

8. I told mom I wanted money for a BritRail pass for my trip to England this summer. She said no. She refuses to spend money on something that will take me away from her. A girl can only dream. This could be a deciding factor on if I can go. These things are EXPENSIVE. June 2, 2010 is the date. Patience and diligence, Ms Terry, you can do it.

9. Lastly I think I would probably, no this is a for sure thing, I WOULD actually cry if I could recover my hard drive. Tears would  stream RIVER down my face (did i really use river as a verb) if I could see my precious memories again.
Im not gonna promise anything, but I might cry so hard I do the awkward hyperventilate thing thats just uncomfortable for anyone with in 100 yards of the crier.
I yearn for the last clips of my grandmother from summer 09. Pictures of my college graduation as I am walking the stage. Adventures from my month in Italy. The sentimentally sweet video my English students made me where they each went around the room and told me how much they love and miss me. Any proof that I actually went on my dream vacation to the deserts of Egypt. Unseen and untouched footage from England.

Some may say "Oh but Taylor, you will always have those memories in your heart and mind" Let me explain. I have the memory of a goldfish. It is unpredictably selective and it bothers me to no end what I remember and what I don't. I try really hard to work on this but my lack of ability to remember things is why I have a video camera.

If only it didnt cost $2000. It may take me a while but I'll get them back. And you'll know when because you could compare a strange donkey noise to my hyperventilation.

{sorry the post is 100 years long. Thats what happens when I dont post frequently}

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