Tuesday, November 17, 2009

just a teeny tiny bit sad faced lately

So Ive been feeling a little (understatement) sad faced lately. Last week my external hard drive (my back-up) broke and I lost everything.
All my pictures, all my video clips, and some the wedding footage of the wedding I was working on. There IS a SLIGHT chance of recovery but not with out the hefty fee that is waaaaay too much to admit. I have even been working overtime to save money for my trip back to England this summer.


It also didn't help that the lady I talked to on the phone was from ENGLAND  convincing me, unknowingly, with every word she spoke that I have to get my unseen England footage back.

So as you know, British accents make me happy and today my kids played right along. We were playing an interactive computer game that I made prior and had to record audio for. Of course I recorded it in my British accent so it did make my day better to hear British computer recordings of "abiotic" and "biotic" and then my sweet little 12 year olds trying to mimic it. I love them.

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