Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy List

Lauren tagged me to do a happy list.

Very difficult to condense my choices but here goes.

Things that make me
totally, completely, undeniably happy

1. Talking in British accents
I don' t claim to be the best impersonator but I love speaking in my desired accent anytime, anywhere. Especially in the most inappropriate places

2. Surprising people

I love making people feel like a million dollars. Birthdays especially- more than likely I have yours memorized and you don't even know it :)

3. Live music

Which is why I live in the "live music capital of the world". Austin, Texas. love. it. I especially enjoy good covers and discovering new artists.

4. A good eraser
Nothing feels better than erasing pencil (preferably mechanical) with a giant pink eraser. It gets the job done and it feels so good not to have any gross old eraser streaks.

5. New mascara
I cant wait to buy new mascara. The freshness makes my eyelashes go from flop to pop and makes me feel beautiful! ...which of course is a necessity. I think I have 7 different mascara tubes in my possession at the moment. shhhhhhh

6. Hot chocolate while wearing a scarf
I just have an obsession

7. Sundays
Church + Pandora Radio + Anthropologie candles + Cleaning + Cowboys game+ friend updates+ NOT doing any work
= a VERY happy Taylor

8. Musicals
Secretly I pretend that I am in one...everyday

9. Not having to wake up to an alarm.
Simple as that. I also love my bed. It is dreamy.

10. My students
....Without sounding too cliche. My students can drive me nuts but they also make me completely undeniably happy. They are so funny, thoughtful and loving. I don't deserve them one bit but I absolutely adore them and their creative minds. Unexpected hugs are my favorite.

11. Traveling
Can I add one more? Traveling has yet to wear on me. Checking in at the airport makes me happy. Airport crowds make me happy. Walking down the breezeway to the airplane makes me happy. Taking off and landing in the airplane makes me happy. Seeing things I have never seen before makes me happy. Spending money on life long memories, makes me happy.

That was a little tough deciding. Maybe Ill do a weekly post adding to my happy list.

But for now the thing making me MOST happy is that at 3:30 tomorrow my Thanksgiving Break begins. My favorite holiday and first up on the list is back to Dallas for dinner with "la Gentleman" whom I haven't seen in months. Horray!


Lauren said...

I love love love your happy list. They all make me very happy as well. I also secretly pretend my life is a musical daily. : )

Randy said...

Very much enjoyed dinner with you and Jessica. Sad we didn't get to see each other again. My bad. I'll try and make it up to you over Christmas!!

May your days until then be filled with things from your various happy lists