Friday, November 13, 2009

Aggie Ring...bling bling!

Today was the day college students at Texas A&M University long for. The day they spend 4 years "studying" countless hours for. The tradition known as Ring Day. (Read about the tradition here)
Only three times a year is there an opportunity for you to squeeze your way into tiny overcrowded rooms with way too many cameras and wait patiently for a chunk of gold which, depending on how you order it (Natalie), may or may not actually fit your finger. I didn't know I would fall in love with my ring the first time I put it on my finger. No other ring before me had ever shined so brightly and no ring after me ever will

Following Aggie Traditions it is expected that a "dunk" will follow. That a group of friends getting their rings will each "dunk" their brand new pieces of gold into a pitcher of beer, chugging all of it leaving only the solid, precious metal as a prize in their grinning smile. A timed competition of course. 

Well today is Megan and Ashley's Ring Dunk and due to unfortunate circumstances I was not able to drive the beautiful 2 hrs to College Station to surprise them!  So alas, a blog post must suffice.

{Photo kindly stolen from their facebook}

Ashley and Megan are twins and are the most genuinely beautiful people I have ever met. I mean that. Not only are they stunning (hello- check out those smiles) they are generous, kind, hilarious and giving. I absolutely adore these two ladies and they don't know this but I secretly want to be them :)
God was right to make two of these inspirational people in this world. I only wish I could be around them more. 

GOOD LUCK you two, my DG sisters and CONGRATULATIONS on a successful college career!
I love you two very much.

Below are pictures of my Aggie Ring day September 21 2007

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