Thursday, November 19, 2009


Reeeeeeeeeeeallly missing this kid right now. My college roommate and bestie. Its wierd not having her around eating corn or Ritz crackers for every meal. This girl is the funniest person I know and doesnt even have to try. (thats supposed to be a compliment...doesnt sound like one though)

No words can express how much I love her.

Dearest Natalie Joy, 
I miss our dance parties and your obsession with ice cream and the weird way you ate it. I miss your hilarious fantasies, esp about Matt Wertz.  I miss teaching you how to give a backrub (thanks to Billzzz) because secretly (well... maybe not too secretly) I just wanted you to practice on my shoulders. I miss how we could sit at our desks in separate rooms but it felt like we were sitting right next to each other (TANCD house). I miss our creaky loft where we slept in a row at the sorority house. I miss singing in the shower at the top of my lungs and you finishing my verses from the other room.

GAHHHHHHHH i miss you!

Oh and that lovely picture of us was taken before our sorority's Nerd Date Partyin 2007.
Werent we HOT?!?!


Alex said...

Gaah I miss y'all! I have yet to meet someone else besides Natalie who appreciates eating ice cream on a daily basis. And I remember one time she had to pick me up from Courtney's house because I was deathly drunk, and when we got home she made me eat a bowl of corn. Priceless. TANCD house Dallas trip soon please!!

Taylor said...

bahaaaaaa i didnt know about that story!