Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas came early

Just hear those sleigh bells ringing

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I must have been a good girl because Christmas came early!

I have begun my countdown until Thanksgiving break and this morning it felt like a hundred years away.
I have mentioned before my current exhaustion level but today I was rejuvenated when my Christmas present came early.
No, it wasn't a golden retriever puppy in my stocking with a big red bow, it wasn't even a two seater go-cart either. What presented itself during the early moments of third period surpasses them all. 

I was lounging in my red, comfy desk chair, nose in my planner as the students silently came in the dimmed classroom and began their daily routine.  I was lost in my lessons for next week when I heard an angelic little voice whispering softly, calling my attention. I look up to a seraphic smile complimented by his charming faint freckles. 

"Pardon me Miss, but I am a new student and am not quite sure where to sit". 
His voice was so soft, that I didn't even notice it at first....the way he was talking. It was different.

Before I said a word I look behind my new gift from God at all of my other lovelies who were silently staring at me..on the edge of their seat... awaiting my reaction. They had already met my new Christmas present, "la fish n chips", in all their other classes and had made bets on how I would respond to his greatness. 

With the biggest grin on my face I look back at him and ask the rhetorical question
"I'm sorry, but is that a BRITISH accent I hear?"

"Yes ma'am, my name is "la fish n chips" and today is my first day. Where can I sit?"

Right next to me. always. and you can follow me around and repeat everything I say in a British accent if you'd like.

"Yes, This is Tom. Tom, will you take "la fish n chips" to the empty seat next to you and get him caught up on the warm up?"
He turns around and I stand in shock that out of all the teachers in the school... I get him! I will wake up in the morning excited to hear a real live British accent that does NOT include Kat Deely on So You Think You Can Dance on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Just when I was at the lowest of my exhaustion Santa brought me something to cheer me up, to make my day, to get me even more excited about going to work. 

Like I said, I must have been a good girl

And I must include how much fun my roommate and I have coming up with the nicknames for the blog. "la fish n chips" won by a close margin with "la Brit" and "la beefeater" coming in at a close second and third. "la gross teeth" was a thought but didn't win because he infact does not have gross teeth.

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