Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lecorum, i love thee

My love developed for this band here when "pink tee" first caught my eye in the crowded pub in Edinburgh, Scotland last fall.  They had just finished performing and were tearing down their set.
I bumped Laurel with my elbow, "Hey...check out "pink tee"" 
"Taylor he is sexy go talk to him"
"No I cant do that"
"Yeah you wont"
"Um excuse me! I can! AND i will! WATCH!"

I thought to myself "Taylor you will never see these people again, now have a little fun"
I downed a beer in 3.7 seconds and before I knew it I was on the move. 20 seconds later I am standing in front of the band. One problem. I hadn't thought about what I was going to say before I got there.

"Hello" they respond confused as to what I wanted
"Ummmm...were you guys just up on stage?" and I turn to point to the stage.
AWKWARD TAYLOR! Of course they were just up on stage you IDIOT!
"Yes we were" again they respond confused
"Oh well...Im here with my friends and we thought you were fantastic!" I look over my shoulder to find the girls watching my every move. They were waving and giving me thumbs up.

"Oh did you" [their accents alluring] "We are glad you liked it!" 

We went on into more small talk, me being from America, what instruments they all played and so on. They gave me a copy of their cd and I of course had to get their autograph. Meanwhile "pink tee" is completely uninterested in the conversation and I don't think he said one word except his name. However, Damien's charm and good looks soon became evident and I wished I lived in England so I could be friends with such fun British ROCKSTARS ;)

The next day Damien had facebooked me and we were set to see them again in a couple weeks in York. Recall the story here.

So I am spreading the love... listen to Chris, Joe, Fletch and Damien rock out here
and watch how funny they are here and here

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