Thursday, April 2, 2009

I shouldn't be a science teacher because.......

I don't think Im fit to be a science teacher for one reason. I'm not really a big fan of "sciency animals." Reptiles don't excite me, neither do arthropods (look for a blog explaining this later).

So its safe to say that when students bring in their nature discoveries....I kind of......dont care? SHHHH! dont tell! In fact not only do I not care, I have absolutely NO interest what-so-ever and usually want far away from it. 

Recall "Karen" here. My teeniest tiniest ball of awkwardness whom I love and am afraid of at the same time. 

She comes up to me before school and pulls a worm out of her pocket. I jumped backward threw my hands up as if I were "giving in" to authority and totally over reacted. "WOAH WOAH...."Karen" why do you have that?"

In a soft, low monotone whisper wide-eyed and smiling she replies "I found it."

"Yes but why did you bring that worm in your pocket to school?"

"It's not a worm Ms. Terry its a Chrysalis."

Ok 1. that I didnt notice that it wasnt a worm and 2. that I had to look up what a Chrysalis is, concerns me about why I am a science teacher.

"Um ok put that away" and I quickly walk off not wanting to deal with the situation.

CLUE 2: that I shouldn' t be a science teacher. Any other science teacher would LOVE the fact that their students are exploring the outdoors and want to bring in LIVE examples....nope....not me.

By 1st period she came into my classroom to show me her moth still inside its chrysalis. No. In 15 short minutes the moth had emerged not okay with moths flying out of my children's pockets.....not okay.

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