Friday, August 5, 2011

The Secret's Out

The thing is...we all have secrets. 
Today I had cookie dough for breakfast AND lunch
I have to put lotion on my hands after I wash them
I cry every time I watch "surprise homecomings"
When running I picture myself on stage as a superstar as motivation
When driving sometimes I imagine myself driving in a different state.

but the truth is I've been keeping a big secret from you all..

I got a JOB!

I accepted the offer two months ago but I didn't sign the contract until last week. I am now the latest and greatest 5th grade MATH teacher. As many of you might know, Texas went through some major budget cuts this past year and as a result many excellent teachers were let go based on the number of years that were taught and not based on performance. I was (along with many of my friends)  let go because of that. In the beginning, the search for a new job seemed to be a mission impossible. Principals were getting so many emails from the unemployed that I am certain mine were never opened! 
The support from my staff, parents and students many times left me speechless. Students rallied to host a bake sale in hopes to raise enough money for me to stay. When my principal informed them of the minimum money they needed my poor little students heads dropped in defeat. But it was all the kind words, notes and gifts kept me going. 
 I was humbled by the process of the whole job search. The unknown is an uncomfortable place to be in. God really did some amazing works in me these past couple months...but am I really surprised by that? I am in awe of his timing and the path his light is leading me down. After months of silence I went on several interviews at once. I loved every one of them, but there was this one school that tugged at my heart a little stronger. They offered me the job as I pulled from the parking lot and I needed no time to think. I accepted right away. 
Even though it was a math position I felt it was right where I needed to be. 

Since then I was offered my old job back along with other science positions. Here's the thing... I love science. I absolutely LOVE science. Yes. I might be a little bummed that I'm not teaching it next year
my PASSION is teaching. 
and as long as I am still doing that...
I have a great life. 


Erny said...

I'm SOOO happy for you! Patience and perseverance and all will fall in place. Keep us update on the new class!

Alex said...

I'm so proud of youuuu!! :)

Vanessa said...

Mmm cookie dough, now that is where it is at! Congrats on the job!!!! How exciting!!!!!!!!

Christopher and Amanda Nash said...

YAY Congrats Tay Tay! i miss you dearly and have been thinking about you so much! XOXO