Wednesday, July 30, 2008

About "La Beast"

I live in Austin, Texas. This blog is about my life adventure. Every aspect of it. I teach 12 year olds and hopefully give them guidance at a time when they need it the most. I taught in England before I moved to Austin and like to speak in British accents ESPECIALLY with my students :)

I like:
speaking in British accents
live music
new mascara
men in glasses (scarfs too)
artistic talent
hot chocolate (especially from wales)
my Diana camera
James Morrison

How did I get the nickname "la beast"? 
 Credit can be given to a couple people actually. Number one being my friend, Justin. One day I was doing my friendly duty  and giving him advice. I was properly inserting thought provoking questions instead of giving my opinion allowing him to come to his own solution. When he realized my tactic he tried to pay me the highest of compliments. 
"'re like....the beast"
"The beast?"
"Yeah! Like the beast of the serengeti!"

Alright! I'll take it. Trying to make me sound more feminine my roommate started calling me "la beast" finishing up my nickname.

There is much going on in my life, just like the Serengeti. Peaceful moments that can quickly be shaken by an unexpected movement and then learning how to adapt and get things back to "normal". 

Much of the Serengeti is known to outsiders as "Maasailand". The Maasai people are known as fierce warriors who are recongnized for their strength and courage. I hope to take on my life adventure, my personal serengeti, as a peaceful warrior with strength and courage

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With love, 
La Beast


JP said...

You are super talented!!


Ok A) we have SO MUCH in common i.e. I am a teacher but currently working on my masters so I can teach High School English, I love Cheeseburgers and hot chocolate, I am a Texan and actually frequent Austin because that is where my brother is stationed and I also love pictures,live music and having fun! HAHA! You are awesome! Look forward to reading more!