Monday, July 21, 2008

The Nicknames

I have changed names for protection...mainly from self embarrassment but also because it is more fun.

Abra is my current roomate. One of the funniest kids I know. She is laid back and outgoing and funny and wise and I like her a lot. We also work together.

Bestie has been my best friend since we were 13. She's more like a sister. She went to school in NY but I am happy to have her home. She lives with her bf Patsy and "plus 1"

Billz lived next door to me in college. Also a fellow Dallasite? Dallasanite? anyway hes from Dallas. You get the picture. He is flakey but fantastic so he can get away with it....sometimes. He now lives far away from me in Denver  (grad school) but we are faithful with our weekly phone dates.

Brother is oober talented and goes to a fancy art school in Florida. He rocks and I look up to him, literally. One time I gave him a box of cotton for Christmas and thought it was the funniest thing ever. He cried. He was 10.

Crash is the boy that never goes away. Known this kid for 8 years. He is a fantastic drummer so I named him after a type of cymbal. Thats all I feel like sharing for now.

"Karen" was my joy during my first year of teaching. She is beautiful and tiny and sneaks up on you with presents. She gave back rubs without asking and made me drawings. She was always concerned about my stress level and was my self appointed time keeper. Made famous by her  tricks. 1 the"Karen Klassic"- the point and tilt and 2. when she pulled a moth out of her pocket.
I wish she could stay in 6th grade forever!

Krick was my roommate for most of college. She has weird eating habits and likes to be important at an accounting firm. She likes to pat my head when I see her and calls me "toads" I dont remember why. She reminds me of Will Farrell from the movie "Stranger than Fiction". His character name was Harold [K]rick.

La-dorable was my third personal trainer who would get nervous and was just adorable.

La fish n chips is my British transfer student. I about jumped on him with excitement when I first heard his little voice. He was my early Christmas present. He writes me stories and I wish he would follow me around all day.

La gentleman and I met while in middle school? maybe high school? church. He is well......a gentleman. NEVER lets me pay. Very rare.

La Naomi is a Tiny Dancer and is an interior decorator in Dallas. She is so creative, so artistic and I think out of all the Tiny Dancers we share the same taste. She likes to bolt around with me and pretend like we are ROCKSTARS :)

La roomate lived and works with me in Austin. She kills cockroaches for me (aka la hero), did the dishes when I didnt want to and always remembered to take out the trash. I dont know how I functioned without her. She would also agree to this.

La rockstar lives in England. I met him and his band, Paper Planes, one night at a pub in Scotland. Also known as "pink tee" because thats what he was wearing. We wish we could live on the same continent.

La russian got his nickname on Spring Break 08. Some of the Tiny Dancers and I were with La Russian and his friends in Destin, Florida. He was the life of the party considering only one Tiny Dancer knew him beforehand.  He introduced me to his favorite drink The White Russian...and that was trouble. No he is not Russian.

Marti/ Sassy Martini/ Martin (Martin only used when she's in trouble) is my neighbor. God perfectly placed her a stones throw away to save me in so many ways. She is hot and sassy and so wise. I adore this kid.

Phammy lives the life I wish I could. She is a Tiny Dancer and went off to school at NYU. There she majored in journalism and still lives in NYC as a production assistant for ABC. She is a self proclaimed superstar and is the only person who could get away with half the stuff she says 

Plus one lives with bestie. When bestie's brother got married in August 09 we were each other's plus one to the wedding. She also went to high school with me and beat me when we ran for choir president sophomore year.

Sexy Mike works as a card swiper at the gym. He is oh so sexy and oh so unattainable. I run more (and FASTER) when he is working so I always hope he is there.

Sugarslice was my second personal trainer. He could sing, could flirtext, and was easy on the eyes, but he also was a 7 year old girl. who knew?

TB is my stunningly beautiful cousin. She is 17 and a senior in high school. She lives on a farm in Oklahoma with my other two cousins and aunt and uncle. She was in a recent car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. Please pray!

Tiny Dancers is my core group of 8 friends from high school. We were all on the dance team together and are still the best of friends. We have our own ridiculous language. Like to take hugging pictures and call each other "boop" or "boopie"

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