Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I dont know what happened...

...I mean...I kinda do. It was Friday last week and I was trying to bolt out of work to get to Dallas. But I really needed to make this worksheet before I left. It was a copy and paste kind of worksheet making that required minor editing and font size changes. A quick "tab" here, a "shift" and "align" there and I was done-zo. I sent it to Printer 217A in the teacher lounge and proceeded to make the 130 copies for each of my lovelies. I remember standing at the copier waiting for my copies to finish with a smirk on my face. One not to big but not too small either. I was...whats the word?.... impressed with my productivity level for a Friday at 3:30pm. I skipped my warm, fresh, hand made worksheets back to my room and set them on the Handout Table waiting for grimy little hands to grab one as they came in Tuesday (this) morning.

Fast forward to this morning around 8:45 am.
"Okay class (yes- I say it like they do in the movies) would someone please raise their hand and tell me what they remember about density?"
"you need mass!" a child pipes from the back of the room
"Yeah! and volume!" responds another.

Being in an exceptionally good mood I respond, "Great! What wonderful memories you all have! Now I would like for you to look at number one on your worksheet"

It was silent. Maybe they didnt notice? Too afraid to look up I linger a little longer contemplating my reaction. Do I have to look up? Is there a way I can teach the rest of the class without looking up? Is that possible? Taylor just look up. They probably didnt even notice that it says ASS on their page. Its not like you're working with middle schoolers or anything. After much convincing I look up to a wide-eyed class with heads turning left and right as if squirrels were running from wall to wall. Each kid to afraid to laugh first, they just looked at each other instead. Finally "Jim" found humor in my mistake and the laugh he was holding in burst through his lips like a whoppie cushion. It only triggered a class-wide uproar of laughter. "Jim" reaches to the sky..
"Yes Jim?" I hesitate...
"Ummmmmm....Ms Terry.....Ours doesnt say 'mass'..."

Crap...they DID notice! Now what?!?!


____j said...

Awww! That is so awful yet so funny. I'm sorry that happened to you, but at least it makes for a great story!

Jen said...

LOL!!! I love it! Hey, we all do stuff like this every once in awhile, no one will remember in a couple of days! :-)

Happy Thursday Darling! xo

Vanessa said...

This gave me a good laugh on a dreary Monday morning. I'm so sorry but no worries, we all make slip ups! 8)