Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I walked to Pearl Girl after bible study Monday evening and at first sight of her my hands were instinctively thrown into the air. I turn side to side and uncontrollably mouth an inappropriate word with enough force to take the edge off but soft enough so others (and God) aren't alarmed. Next I look at my watch. Is it already April 1? Surely not. I know February went by fast but...when is April Fools Day again?

I folded my arms across my body with a huge pout as I stare at my precious Pearl. This pout was...classic. The really good kind. The kind where the bottom lip sticks out and your brow furs. I stomped in place for a second and whimpered like a 2 year old. I might have punched the air. Yeah pretty sure I punched the air. I didn't feel any better. You'd think throwing a miniature temper tantrum would alleviate all anger but.. it doesn't. Instead I just questioned my current age and resulted the spontaneous overreaction to the fact that the majority of my social interaction is in fact with eleven and twelve year olds.

I pet my poor girl and apologized for her loss. Pearl Girl lost her identity.
Her tags were stolen for the second time in 20 days. You read that right. They've been taken TWICE!
At first I wrote it off as a thief. This time I KNOW its a thief who thinks they are pulling the all time best prank ever. This thief is also more than likely age 11-14 and owns a screwdriver. It has to be....right? Theres NO WAY that randomly happens. Someone's pullin my chain. What this thief doesn't know is that chain they are pullin is tugging on an already overly stressed la beast who will pounce any second.

Both sets of plates have now been reported stolen and I have brand new shiny tags. The parking lot cameras at work will now be rifled through and the culprit WILL be found. Im sure of it.