Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patricks Day

Did you know the color for St Patricks Day used to be blue?

Ponder that one for a second. 
Can you imagine waking up this morning and picking out your blue attire for the day? Instead of coloring shamrocks as a kid you'd color...blueberries or bluebirds? Instead of green beer and brats you'd be putting back a few of your favorite blue toned brews? How would the world look today if the tradition never changed? Would I associate Ireland with the color blue? Would leprechauns liger around in their navy and gold get up? 

Thank goodness that never happened. I look better in green anyway. I will be fully embracing all things green today. Will you?


Lauren said...

Ahhh leprechauns and ligers. Best of both worlds!

Vanessa said...

I never knew that! I'm glad it's green now, as I wore my green socks and earrings to celebrate!

Happy Friday!