Sunday, April 11, 2010

83 days

I know I said I was taking a hiatus. I have 69 things I should be doing right now but since I went from this
to this

I thought Id celebrate my productivity with a sweet little dessert post.
One that I know I shouldn't partake in (you havent seen my to do list) but I want to so bad that I cant help but give into my cravings. 
I cant be all work and no play for 2 weeks, what was i thinking?

While I was @ Barnes and Noble against my will yesterday searching for a work related book, I found said waste of paper of a book conveniently located next to this

I did a quick double take, a little skip pivot and stood silently, in front of this heaven for a good 5 minutes before I decided that I couldn't touch any of the books. For fear of instant melting or spontaneous excitement combustion if i did. My body begrudgingly walked away towards the career section of the book store as if I was pulling 6 semi's full of raisin bran behind me. I kept looking back like a lost child or puppy or something else sad. 

After 20 minutes of me trying to convince my self that the purchase of a trashcan in the book form was worth 60$$$ my brow was furrowed and I had forgotten about my earlier find (note memory problems). I peace towards the front of the store in need of a drink or twelve.

"OP! Well hello. We meet again! How dare you tempt me with carefree thoughts and dreams of exploration and laughter and stressless days where I can frolic in poppy filled pastures with beaf eaters who serenade me with Beatles songs the whole time. 
How Dare You, Travel section.
Cant you see this giant brick in my hand I need to memorize by Wednesday?
I despise you, shelf.
Stupid England shelf"

So for the better half of today I did not memorize my brick (insert clever metaphor here) but instead researched more and more about London.

83 days
(until I have to be as skinny as Sterlyn)
until I can skip in poppy fields.

Hurry up. work is getting in the way of life. 

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Oh how it will be here soon or at least summer will!! praying for ya!