Sunday, April 4, 2010

why i had the best day

So now that I have a second to breathe I get to talk about whats been going on in my life.

  1. IM GOING TO ENGLAND!!!! I bought my ticket finally last week and will be bolting around tricking out London for a week with the Tiny Dancers before we sneak off to Paris for another week. Cant wait to hang with rockstar Paper Planes and see James Morrison in concert and be blinded by all other things british like order pots of tea at a restaurant and order bangers and mash. Unfortunately, I will be vacationing during July- prime guacamole months. Those Brits just don't know how to do avocado.
England? (raises one hand)
Guacamole? (raises the other hand higher)
England? (raises the first hand again higher than the second)
Guacamole? (raises the second hand higher)
 ENGLAND! (raises first hand in excitement)
 I can live with crappy guacamole for 2 weeks.

  2. The Fault Song
So we have moved into Earth Science at school. My absolute FAVORITE topic and probably one of the hardest tests all year. One of the hardest concepts to tackle during this unit is the different types of faults. Which one is caused by stress? Which one does the hanging wall go up? what is a hanging wall in general? what is the footwall? how can you tell the difference.

Ugh. I always hated this part of earth science. I never really understood it until I had to teach it. Then I made up a rap. To Kevin Rudolf and Lil' Wayne's "Let it rock". The kids were obsessed with it and even made up dance moves. We practiced it everyday. The other 6th grade science classes could hear us and got jealous so their teachers asked me to come in and teach it to their classes. I did but neither team was as close to as good as my beast of a team.

 My principal agreed to let me have a competition among teams at lunch last thursday (me knowing full well who would win). I led 300-350 6th grade students in the first ever fault song cafeteria competition. We sang it five times. Started all together. Then we broke off and did each team as loud as their little voices could scream and then finally ending with it all in unison again. My kids did SO GOOD that the other teams were booing. BAHAHA so proud of my little boogers.

Here is a little sneak peek of what dominated the lunch room last Thursday.
No, you cant hear what they are saying but just imagine how baller it is
I cant explain to you how overjoyed I was!
Happy Easter! He is RISEN INDEED!

ps paper planes has a new single. go listen to it at 


Alex said...

You are the most precious teacher ever.

P.S. Put me in your suitcase so I can go back to Paris/London. Kthanks.


a) so jealous about england can we move there for good??
b) even though I am jealous I am so super excited for you
c) you are such a great teacher I cannot wait to get back into teaching
d) the rap song is so something my mom would have done when she taught science so YOU ROCK!


Sterlyn said...