Saturday, December 4, 2010

What I love about Austin::: {Market Days}

The months of October and November had me bolting around the country (or mainly just to Dallas) like a rockstar every weekend. Which is why I was looking forward to a weekend in Austin exploring this fantastic place I call home.

Today Abra and I escaped the hustle and bustle to a quaint little town an hour or so outside of Austin in Wimberley, Texas. Our "work mom" took us to Market Days which happens the first weekend of the month from March to December. Located in the hills outside of Austin it was a very refreshing morning  with two of my favorite people.

Among the treasures there undoubtably has to be those things you see and say to yourself "WHO would buy that?!!?!" Which is exactly the conversation we had when we saw these

Clip on DOG HEADS.


Alex said...

I went to Market Days with my mom all through high school!! Loves it.

Katie said...

No Momma Meek stories?!

jennifer said...

i love your bag! it kinda matches my teal one!