Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello World. Youre a 1000

I posted 8 times in the month of November.

8 times.

Either Im too busy or too boring to keep this blog alive. 
Starting this blog while living abroad is a hard act to follow. My days may not seem as exciting as London or as breathtaking as the Egyptian pyramids but in actuality they are. Today I was reminded of the beautiful world God hand picked me for in my windowless office Rm ###.  An office with green walls decorated with original artwork with original signatures. An office where I conference 5 times in the workday with 113 of  my employees. An office where the Glee soundtrack is background noise. An office where specific hand gestures are required passwords to enter and leave the room. An office where my business changes the future. 

My office might not be as architecturally divine as the Duomo in Florence, or as stunning as the Eiffel Tower...but to me its more.  My classroom walls are adorned with original student work with original student signatures. After a "conference" my students pack up their things and leave most chairs pushed in, some chairs not.....some chairs sideways. Silent students working, on task, with lights dim while Glee whispers melodically from the corner.  Quizzing students at the door on their hand gestures learned to remember heat transfer is a genius trick for any bouncer.

A room filled with opportunities.... yeah to me this world is breathtaking, awe-inspiring and 100% perfect. 

Its tough to have an explorer's soul. Always wanting to be somewhere else, discovering life in a new place. To have a deep passion to see the wonders of the world. But today I was reminded that one of the greatest wonders of this brilliant world is found in my office, everyday. I get it all to myself and I get to see it 

Children laughing, children learning and Issac Newton and his attractive beard on the board. 

Hello world, You're a 1000

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