Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Smanksgiving

Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday since I was a young tot (see photo above) but I am sad to say that the holiday I look forward to all year is quickly becoming a non-holiday or a noliday in my family.
Yes I look forward to the food. Yes I look forward to football, but neither of these things can be enjoyed if the whole family isnt together.

Ever since my grandfathers passing, my brother moving to Florida and my aunt deciding not to travel on holidays Thanksgiving is just NOT the same. So I sit in this awkward stage. The stage between my childhood traditions and creating new traditions with my future family. Its just uncomfortable. It doesn't feel right. Like Oreos without the creme filling. Like your shoes on the wrong feet.

So instead of playing football in the yard, or dominating puzzles with the cousins. I sat in  one spot on the couch for 6 HOURS. I watched the Cowboys disappoint (close game) and the Aggies pull through for a win against the Longhorns (WHOOP!)

Am I changing? Could it be that Im..... ready...? Shhh I dont want to say the word. But am I getting to the point where my spontaneity and freedom is settling down and being replaced by another desire? A desire to... wed? Oh great.

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