Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Never Have I Ever...

...thought so much about my own wedding than I have in the last 48 hours.
I am not the kind of girl who
  • buys bridal magazines
  • looks at engagement rings
  • decides on bridesmaids dresses
  • picks wedding venues before I even have a boy toy
  • makes a wedding scrapbook
  • doodles my name with the last name of any guy who speaks to me
and I definitely wont be doing those things for a while BUT I will blame a couple of things that are contributing to this wedding coma.

1. Prince Williams Engagement
Even though I'd pick his ginger brother, the thought of their nuptials make me giddy. The sight of that stunning sapphire gives me a feeling comparable to the time when every student in the room writes their name on their paper. FIRST and LAST. The feeling that makes the corners of mouth my curl and warms the cockles of my heart. 

2. Christmastime
Christmastime is home to many of my favorite things including but not limited to the NSYNC christmas album, grandmas fudge cookies, and annual happy hours. But there is something else Im looking forward to other than Red CUPS at starbucks...Its a little game I like to call.... "Predict how many people you know will get engaged between Thanksgiving and New Years". Always entertaining. Always shocking. Always at least 6 people.

Who will it be this year?

3. This Girl
Maid of Honor is definitely an honor when you get to work with this superstar. For starters she's hot. But other than that, her brilliant organizational skillzzz make me second guess my shambles of a brain and how I will ever throw myself a wedding with the mess and a half that I am. The insight makes me want to start NOW...even if it may be a while.

4. This song
This song came on my Pandora Station a couple weeks ago and I cant stop listening to it. Not helping matters

5. 1 in 4 of everyone I know is engaged. 
Either I only know 4 people or thats a lot of wedding.

6. My students
I cant go 3 days without having this conversation at work
Student: "Who is your husband?"
Me:"I dont have one"
S:"You dont?"
M:"Nope :)"
S:"ummmmmmmmm...You dont?"
M:"Nope. I have too much to do before I have a husband"
S:"But you're too pretty not to have a husband"
M:"Thank you, student. Ill go ahead and keep you in my back pocket now and pull you out for future times when Im feeling down on myself"

SO I will end with this.

Im not complaining. Im not unhappy. Im not craving a wedding or even a marriage at that. I am just stating that I've started to have thoughts and maybe some opinions about what that day(english countryside) in the far future (british) may look like (wearing glasses). Thanks world.


Erny said...

You know what? Ever since that Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement make headlines all over the world, it makes me think of my own wedding too. Like you, I'm not complaining that I'm not married now....just wondering about the big day, you know. So yeah, you are not alone, sista! hehe.

Alex said...

Oh Taylor, I love you. This post made me smile. I was OVERJOYED about Prince William, even if I did use to hate Kate Middleton for stealing him from me. I can't wait to see that wedding on TV!
I also can't wait to see how many people get engaged these next few months. We should keep tallies and then have a drink to each one!

Caroline Henley said...

I already know of at least one person getting engaged over the holidays (and that's just that I know of!) so I'm sure there will be many to come...

and it's okay just tell your students you're married to an undercover FBI agent or something. they'll loveeee it :)

Vanessa said...

I'm so excited for the royal wedding! I can see how all these things put wedding on your mind.

I especially LOVE that new Bruno Mars song! Just love it!