Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Mornings

I woke up to the sounds of a sleeping house. The vent whistled with streams of warm air flushing my face. I held my eyes shut. I didnt want to know what time it was. I swung my arm around my body to the bedside table fumbling for Nokia 1999. A bottle of lotion and a tv remote later I finally grasp my cell phone "6:39 AM....crap!" I immediately blamed Nokia 1999 for my lateness. I set her alarm! or did i? I conversed with my thoughts and came to the conclusion...I passed out last night in bed at 9:30 still wearing what I wore to work.( 2nd time this week) No alarm was set.

I sigh imagining the future of this day. I guess it will be another circus at work. Balancing papers on spinning pencils from every limb and facial feature while doing cartwheels trying to dodge kids and their repetitive questions. If I hear one more student ask "Ms Terry whats my grade?" I might explode and go climb Mt Everest or something drastic. I love how they wait until the Friday of the marking period to worry about their grade.

Wait. Friday? YES....yesterday was FRIDAY. Which means no 6:30 wake up call.  My toes began to dance and my fingers did a little shift and point, still too tired to expose my excitement full out. I roll back over hug my pillow and fall fast asleep. I had more dreaming to do.

Its a beautiful Saturday morning while doing laundry and cleaning.
I hope you got to sleep in a little today.

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Nicholas said...

I had to make my fingers "shift and point" after reading "shift and point" to make sure I knew what we were talking about here. Glad we're on the same page.