Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ive been trying to like the sport of baseball for YEARS. I mean.... I like the idea of baseball. Going to the ballpark, eating peanuts, and socializing with friends. I even like little boys in baseball uniforms and will DEFINITELY force my athletic tykes to jump on that bandwagon... but as for the sport itself...well it just bores me. It can go hours without a score. It takes fortyleven years for a play to even happen!

Each summer I say to myself  "By the end of the summer you WILL be a baseball fan". Disappointment annually sets in as I pass another season not an becoming avid fan.

Well. Its finally happened.

Im really in to baseball at the moment. Like really in to it.

I will credit my new found love of the game solely to my sport-loving and recent surgery victim boyfriend of mine. Last week he was bed ridden, post-op, and the only option was the College World Series. I was not initially excited for a week of only baseball games but it helps to have a boyfriend who has the answers to all my questions and knows all the stats and information of almost every team and every player.

This College World Series isn't just any old College World Series for boyfriend. His alma mater, University of South Carolina, entered into the series to defend the title they won last year. And they've made it to the finals again this year. Last night was game 1 of the 3 game series against Florida. I was on the edge of my seat- something new for la beast. So thank you Gamecocks and thank you boy for igniting my new love of baseball.

Lets GO COCKS!! (sorry la gentleman)

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Katie said...

Oh, I LOVE baseball. But I'm a Gators fan, so can't really join you in your joy over their win. Lol. But welcome to the baseball club! It's so fun. :)