Monday, June 20, 2011



I am no longer an Austinite.

This post has taken me several weeks to write due to denial. The 2.5 years I was there were the most important years of my 25 this far. I moved there alone to start a new life. I learned to navigate a new city, make new friends when I knew no one, start my first job, and most importantly rely solely on Him to develop, create and guide me to be the independent young woman I am today. The personal growth during my time there is incomparable.

I had fun as a single 20 something bolting around the greatest city in the world conquering life as it was thrown at me each day. Austin taught me to live and for that I will always be thankful. I will miss my wonderful job, the family I made, my church, town lake and all of the live music :)

What's that saying? With every closed door another one opens? The story may be closing in Austin for now but I couldn't be happier to see what this next chapter brings me. I mean.... Gods involved so it's gotta be good right?! I'm back in Dallas and now close to family, friends and of course boy. :) AND pearl girl will be my little slice of Austin here in Dallas.

As sentimental as I am, I'm just as excited to share my new adventures with you! But for now heres a tribute to my time in Austin


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Alex said...

Oh hey i took one of those pictures!