Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wedding Hankie

This past weekend was the first Tiny Dancer Wedding! I have been close friends with this close group of girls since middle school. In high school we all made the dance team hence the name, Tiny Dancers. In order to bond us even closer together I started a new tradition that will be passed around for years to come.

Announcing the Wedding Hankie. 

I found this vintage (and gorgeous) handkerchief at a local store and embroidered the Bride and Grooms name and wedding date (in their wedding colors). I presented it to the bride at the bridal luncheon with all the Tiny Dancers present. The bride was instructed to pin it under her wedding dress and then pass it along to the next Tiny Dancer at her wedding with the next wedding date embroidered. In the end all of the Tiny Dancers will have carried the hankie on her wedding day with everyones names/dates embroidered. The sentiment brought tiny little tiny dancer tears to the corners of our eyes but it was our mothers who couldn't keep it together.

Who gets it in the end?

Our plan is to force all of our children to become friends and it will then be passed along to the first of our daughters to carry on her wedding day. 

Do you have traditions among your group of friends?

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Alex said...
And made me all teary.