Thursday, September 25, 2008

Denise vs Richard

The rainy, cloudy and cold weather has left me to explore other means of tension release and cardio activity. Running around outside is my first choice in aerobic activity but with weather as fickle as it is I have resorted to videos. Yes, workout videos. I had plans to pop in these dvds on rainy days but since the dvd player at the cottage doesn't play american dvds I am left to play them on my computer screen as my only option.
As entertainment in combination with a fast pace workout I have Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies! Quite a show I might add. In addition I have Denise Austin Yoga Body in 21 days!

The first week we arrived Laura, Colette and I attempted to enthusiastically hit up Richard Simmons dance moves. It was quite a HILARIOUS night as we tried to overlook his forward leadership in shorts that are way to small for tv and focus on the dance moves by watching the pumped up overweight backup dancers behind him. It actually can be a very good workout!
Since I am the only one who works out I have now changed my routine to early morning before school at around 5:30 am. Yes, most of you are still up in Texas because it is only 11 pm your time. The only thing is I can't stand to do Richard Simmons that early and without the company of my friends to enjoy this humility.
Thus, I have resorted to Denise Austin's Yoga video. yes.. her hair is way to perfect for a workout. Yes.. her eyes open much farther than they should, giving a creepy look about her. Yes.. her "calm and soothing" voice sometimes sounds like a man in a woman's body, but all in all it gets the job done.

Yoga before the sun comes up and the blowdryers start buzzing is actually quite relaxing and comforting. However, I am ridiculously sore! Man! that balancing stick is a killer. But at least I can feel it going to town on my backhandles. Denise's favorite move is of course the complete sun salutation. For those of you who do yoga...i HATE that move. I can't do the full back alignment(or whatever its called) and the upward facing dog position really hurts. it really really REALLY hurts. Dennie keeps saying "doesn't this feel good?" "this is excellent for your back!" No its not! My back hurts. killing infact. But in the end I guess it gets the job done. I have broken a sweat and the warrior position has left my legs numb and flimsy.

So Denise or Richard?

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