Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Days of School

Wednesday was our first day of school. My school is the most beautiful school on the most beautiful grounds. I will hopefully upload pictures soon to justify my claims!
So like I said we have trouble getting to school in the mornings. We can walk to Elleray (the elementary school) but up to Browhead (the middle school) is quite a journey- described in an earlier post. So we arranged for a bus to pick us up in the morning on its route to pick up the kitchen staff. Well the morning of school we were out there at 8:10 just as asked but the bus never came. Laura and I had to put on our wellies (rainboots) and haul it to Elleray in hopes that someone would give us a lift up the mountain. Thankfully we did but we missed the first 45 minutes of school and barely made the opening assembly in which we were special guests and announced to the school. Phew!

The school is SO different than ours. For example
- They dont have grades, they have "years" but their "years" are different than ours in that Year 7 is really 6th graders.
- They have time tables instead of schedules
- Homework= Prep
- They work off 2 week timetables Week A and Week B
- They dont go to the same class everyday in the same room with the same teacher at the same time.
It is mega confusing.
For example:
If I was in 6th grade class A I could go to Math on Monday for 7th period, Wednesday for 2nd period and Thursday for 1st period. and then the next week go to Math on Monday for 5th period, Tuesday for 5th period and then Friday for 3rd period.

So if you can imagine I am not really assigned with one teacher for one class. Instead I am working with a 8th grade math class, 6th grade math class, 7th grade science class and a 6th grade science class.
But I have tons of breaks.
On Thursday I only have 1 6th grade science class.

But what makes this interesting is that all the classrooms are seperate from the main house. They are through all these footpaths, some paved but others are just gravel. It is interesting to me because for as much as it rains here, you would think that they would cover the pathways!
But instead, everyone walks around soaking wet and with their umbrellas and raincoats everywhere. Then the kids just walk around with wet blazers that begin to give off the most disgusting odor. Almost like a wet dog.

But it is all worth it. Because of the view. Overlooking the most gorgeous lake with mountains in the background.
God's beauty is unmatchable.


Mary said...

Wow! I am excited to be able to walk this journey with you. Mrs. L

Katie said...

Oh my word Taylor. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and after reading this post I just HAD to comment!!!

Even though I lived in England for 7 1/2 years (Year 6 through to upper sixth form - haha, try to figure that one out!!), I have forgotten so much about how school is different there. I miss it and I am SO JEALOUS that you are there!!! I would love to go back and do student teaching at my high school, which included jr. high too.

I laughed when I read all the new terms that you learned! It's been so long since I've used those! Have you figured out what "revision" means yet? ;-) Ask the kids!

Where in England are you, exactly? Are you close to London? I lived near Leicester; I went to school in Loughborough (find it on a map!!).

Anyways, I wanted to say hi and that I am so excited that you get to experience life over there. And seriously - if you have ANY questions about British culture or random questions such as where you can buy Oreos, ask me, because I know!!! :)