Monday, September 29, 2008

MY wild card weekend

This weekend was my wild card weekend. After a long and depressing week of homesickness, actual sickness and sick of sam sickness my roommates gave me the go ahead and gave me permission to forget my worries and have a good time whatever that included. I only get one a month, luckily its almost October :)

So we decided to go to York. Laura had been the weekend before and found it one of her favorite places so far, so we took her advice and booked a hotel in York. Only after did we find out our Edinburgh friends were playing a show in York on Friday as well! Remind me to tell you the story of the Edinburgh boys at a later time, I found out today they read my blog ;)
Thursday I stayed home sick for a half day and struggled to get to school so that I could teach my Barbie Bungee activity that afternoon. Friday was part 2 of the lesson (which went fabulously by the way) and I was in charge of turning the film I took it into a promotional video for the school's Open Day on Saturday for the parents to come to. I filmed 3rd period and quickly uploaded/edited and burned the video before Laura and I left for MY wild card weekend in York.

We had to go back to the cottage for one thing only. Laura wanted to get the clothes she needed to return in York from last weekend. Guess what. We left without the clothes. Luckily, I remembered while we were still in town and Laura hauled back to fetch them. We hop on our train headed for MY wild card weekend and were completely bored by middle aged business men who thought we were interested in the geographical history of England. When in reality I just wanted to sleep, because I hadn't had any the past couple nights. Finally we reach our destination and I am immediately rejuvenated thinking about the fun dancing on the horizon.

We walk out of the train station after buying gross French beer from our new pal Dane and are almost to the walls of York before Laura realizes....
"WAIT! I forgot my bag!"
"On the train?"
"AHH! YES on the train!"
We sprint back to the platform only to be told that the train is gone. Oh wait. just moved. to platform 8. Still sprinting we find her bag. And when I say sprinting, I mean laura walking fast and my stubs of legs doing double time in her one step- so I was the only one sprinting.
Relief. We find her bag and now MY night can begin.
We stroll through the streets of York. York is a beautiful medieval city with castle walls and everything. Im talking typical castle walls like in the fairy-tales. It actually goes back to Roman days when it was in the Roman Empire under Constantine.
Anyway, who cares about that. Lets continue with the night.

Laura and I get to our hotel we were staying at with 2 adults +2 children under the age of 8. It was a double bed with a single pull out couch for our 2 children Colette and Laurel. We had to do some manipulating and twisting of the rules to get the cheapest deal. As soon as Laurel and Colette get to York we bolt on over to the Dutchess to hopefully get a chance to hear our British ROCKSTAR friends Lecorum. These guys we heard first in Edinburgh and we really like their music. Cold, Freezing and ready for fun, we get to the bar about an hour late! :( We returned again through the night, but they were no where to be found.

Devastated we were, but I wasn't going to let this ruin my night. We found the happening places in town and danced our hearts away. At one point a country song (or the only thing they have close to country) came on and I was pulled back in time as in reverse motion to a unforgettable summer at Daisy Dukes and memories of twists and turns, dancing with some of my favorite people. Laura and I attempted to pull off the Donna and other crazy spins with each other but realized it doesn't work because we were both trying to do the girl part.

The night wouldn't be complete without ligers following us from one bar to the next and a french hot dog to top it off. Laura and I walked back to one of the first bars we went to so that she could use her wild card and flirt with the bartender. We were distracted by some of the local University students who were blown away by our accents and went on to tell me I should change my name and actually everything else about me because thats not how they do it in York. Apparently Taylor is a last name (surname) and IF it was EVER used as a first name it would be for a boy. We ordered a pizza and took it back to the room and until only then did we discover our feet were nearly shambles from walking around in heels all night.

The next day we went to york minister and walked around the buzzing town of york.
Much needed fun. Incase you were wondering my 'wild card' was only redeemed through embarrassing dancing to oldies such as Jackson 5 in a circle with my girls, which is just the way I wanted it :)

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